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Welcome to the Captured Snapshots DVD store! If you've been a member of our popular bondage web site, you'd know that we only choose the hottest, sexiest models to tie up and gag. We are very selective and many of our gorgeous models are exclusive and will only work with us. In addition, our movies are packed with tons of hopping, struggling, gag-talking and much more! Never will you see our models just sitting there in one position. Our models are firecrackers and love to show off in front of the camera. Our up-close camera angles and unique shots immerse you into the action. You definitely won't be disappointed. Check out our DVDs below, available as both a shippable DVD sent directly to your home in discreet packaging, or as a convenient DVD download that you can purchase and view within minutes!

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Item: Pantyhose Bondage
Starring: Jenny, Valerie, Charlotte, Stephanie
Running time: 61 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling

"Attention pantyhose fans! Here's a new DVD from Captured Snapshots that you absolutely must have in your collection, especially if you're a fan of bondage that includes pantyhose hoods and pantyhose encasement. Starring four of our hottest and most popular models, this DVD is action-packed and includes gorgeous brunette Valerie tied up tightly, ball-gagged and pantyhose hooded, our most popular model Jenny bound, gagged, blindfolded and covered with a pantyhose hood, and our busty babe Charlotte and our gorgeous model Stephanie both bound, gagged, and completely encased in pantyhose! Clocking in at over an hour, this classic DVD features lots of on-screen gagging and up-close shots of hot girls getting covered in pantyhose! Order today!"


Item: Charlotte Bound, Gagged and Fondled!
Starring: Charlotte
Running time: 59 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling

"Coming back stronger than ever in her second bondage DVD, our busty model Charlotte gets manhandled inside a big, empty warehouse while tied up and gagged! In sexy clothing like miniskirts, pantyhose and cleavage revealing tops, she gets her big breasts groped and her ass fondled and spanked. We duct tape her, blindfold her with bondage tape, and stuff her mouth with ball gags, all on camera. She struggles like crazy, hops around in high heels to try to get free, and gets strung up to an iron beam. This girl is one of our most popular and most requested models for a reason! With a killer, curvy body and a feisty attitude she burns up the screen with struggling and gag-talking, all while being felt up and fondled by her captors. Don't miss Charlotte in her latest DVD adventure!"


Item: Stephanie's Bondage Predicaments
Starring: Stephanie
Running time: 55 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)

"Stephanie continues to be one of our most popular and most requested models and we're thrilled to release her third bondage DVD packed with top-quality struggling, gag-talking and hopping! See how flexible this girl is as she wiggles her way out of tight bondage. Listen to her cries and whimpers as she gag-talks like crazy. And marvel at her gorgeous body, flat stomach, perky breasts and the finest ass we've ever seen on a bondage model. Decked out in pantyhose, high heels and miniskirts, Stephanie gets tied up tightly and gagged, then videotaped as she struggles on a garage floor, or hops around a huge abandoned warehouse. We've taken the hottest footage of this sexy bondage queen and assembled an action-packed DVD for you to watch again and again. Also available immediately through our DVD download page. A must see!"


Item: Audrina Bound and Gagged
Starring: Audrina
Running time: 46 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)

"Ken and Stacy are proud to present their latest bondage DVD from Captured Snapshots featuring one of their hottest models, gorgeous blonde Audrina, tied up tightly in a variety of poses, outfits, gags and rope work. This 19 year-old girl has a beautiful body with nice full breasts, soft and smooth legs and long blonde hair. Throughout this DVD she gets duct tape gagged in a sexy red bra, hogtied and tickled in pantyhose, ball gagged in a miniskirt and high heels and much more including a must-see, duct tape bondage clip with her mouth, legs and hands wrapped up nice and tight with layers of the sticky tape. Audrina struggles like crazy when she's tied up and can't help but gag-talk while she tries to get free of the tight bondage work our riggers do. We've compiled all of Audrina's hottest bondage videos into one DVD collection for you to purchase today!"


Item: Charlotte Bound and Gagged
Starring: Charlotte
Running time: 63 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)

"Captured Snapshots action-packed bondage continues with one of our most popular and most requested models Charlotte starring in eleven chapters of tight rope ties, big ball gags and lots of fondling. This sexy and busty girl is a gift to the bondage world with her tiny waist, full breasts and a gorgeous face. And only we have her - bound and gagged in front of our cameras! Our riggers pin her arms and legs together, blindfold her eyes and cover her head in a pantyhose hood, and expose those big tits while she gag-talks and struggles like crazy. Then, after tying her up tightly we fondle and grope her body. We get in there and squeeze her big, round boobs and spank her beautiful ass. If you like gorgeous, busty babes tied up tightly in miniskirts, high heels, lacy bras and tight tops, order Charlotte's first ever full-length DVD today!"


Item: Stephanie Tied and Exposed!
Starring: Stephanie
Running time: 52 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)

"Back by popular demand, Stephanie stars in yet another full-length, action-packed bondage DVD with lots of struggling, gag-talking and hopping! This girl is one of our most popular models and now you can see why as this beautiful, slender, damsel-in-distress is bound and gagged in a wide variety of pantyhose, stockings, garters, lingerie and high heels. Whether she's cleave gagged and tied up, struggling on the floor, or tethered to a wall with her tits exposed, or ball-gagged and drooling in sexy lingerie, Stephanie will amaze you by being flexible, animated, and completely gorgeous. Very few girls can compare to this pretty model and Captured Snapshots is proud to present her latest bondage DVD. Order 'Stephanie Tied and Gagged' today!"


Item: Stephanie Bound and Gagged
Starring: Stephanie, in nine action-packed bound and gagged videos
Running time: 56 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)


Item: Bondage Hop!
Starring: Sativa Verte, Daria, Kendra Reed, Vivian Irene Pierce, Stephanie, Tomiko and Shellie
Running time: 45 minutes
Price: $19.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)


Item: Bound and Gagged
Starring: Isabella Soprano, Paitin, Kira and Alex
Running time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Price: $29.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)


Item: Girls in Trouble
Starring: Paitin, Stephanie, Stacy and Sonia
Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Price: $29.95 + shipping and handling
(shipping & handling waived for DVD Download)

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